Biennial Symposia

The biennial meeting of the Council includes a symposium and a business meeting. The location of the biennial meeting rotates among the members’ states, provinces, and territories. The symposium includes technical presentations, panel discussions, poster sessions, and field trips related to the research and management of wild sheep, mountain goats, and related species.

Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Symposia
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Syposium Coordinator/Chair

Proceedings Editor(s)

NWSGC Executive Director

May 26-28, 1970

Williams Lake, BC

Harold Mitchell

Apr 14-15, 1971

Ft. Collins, CO

Eugene Decker/ Eugene Decker

Wayne Sandfort

Apr 11-13, 1972

Hinton, AB

E. G. Scheffler

Apr 23-25, 1974

Great Falls, MT

Kerry Constan / James Mitchell

Feb 10-12, 1976

Jackson, WY

E. Tom Thorne

Apr 2-4, 1978

Penticton, BC

Daryll Hebert / M. Nation

Daryll Hebert / M. Nation

Apr 23-25, 1980

Salmon, ID

Bill Hickey

Mar 17-19, 1982

Ft. Collins, CO

Gene Schoonveld

James A. Bailey / Gene Schoonveld

Apr 30-May 3, 1984

Whitehorse, YK

Manfred Hoefs

Manfred Hoefs

Wayne Heimer

Apr 14-17, 1986

Missoula, MT

Jerry Brown

Gayle Joslin

Wayne Heimer

Apr 11-15, 1988

Banff, AB

Bill Wishart

Bill Samuel

Wayne Heimer

May 14-18, 1990

Clarkston, WA

Lloyd Oldenburg

James A. Bailey

Wayne Heimer

Apr 27-May 1, 1992

Cody, WY

Kevin Hurley

John Emmerich / Bill Hepworth

Wayne Heimer

May 2-6, 1994

Cranbrook, BC

Anna Fontana

Margo Pybus / Bill Wishart

Kevin Hurley

Apr 30-May 3, 1996

Silverthorne, CO

Dale Reed

Kevin Hurley / Dale Reed / Nancy Wild

Kevin Hurley

Apr 16-20, 1998

Whitefish, MT

John McCarthy

John McCarthy / Fay Moore

Kevin Hurley

Apr 6-9, 1999

Reno, NV

Kevin Hurley / Rick Brigham

Allan Thomas / Harrriet Thomas

Kevin Hurley

May 31-Jun 4, 2000

Whitehorse, YK

Jean Carey

Jean Carey

Kevin Hurley

Apr 23-27, 2002

Rapid City, SD

Ted Benzon

Gary Brundige

Kevin Hurley

May 15-22, 2004

Inside Passage, Alaska

Wayne Heimer

Wayne Heimer / Dale Toweill / Kevin Hurley

Kevin Hurley

April 2-6 , 2006

Kananaskis, Alberta

Jon Jorgenson

Bill Wishart /
Margo Pybus

Kevin Hurley

April 27 - May 1, 2008


Heber Valley, Utah

Anis Aoude

Tom Smith
Julie Miller

Kevin Hurley

June 7-11, 2010


Hood River

Craig Foster & Jeremy Thompson

Vern Bleich

Kevin Hurley

March 12-15, 2012


Kamloops, British Columbia

Mari Wood
Steve Gordon

Steve Wilson
Vanessa Craig

Kevin Hurley

June 2-5, 2014


Fort Collins, Colorado

Janet George

Bruce Watkins
Ricki Watkins

Kevin Hurley

May 9-12, 2016


Moscow, ID & Pullman, WA

Hollie Miyasaki
Rich Harris
David Smith

Rich Harris

Kevin Hurley

May 21-24, 2018


Whitefish, MT

Brent Lonner
Bruce Sterling

Justin Gude

Kevin Hurley

November 3-5, 2020


Alberta (ZOOM)

Beth MacCallum

Kathreen Ruckstuhl

Kevin Hurley




2024 NWSGC Biennial Symposium
Alaska Spring 2024
Dates: TBD

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