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Table of Contents
Mountain Sheep Harvest Strategies
8 Bighorn sheep harvest strategies in Wyoming
John E. Emmerich
12 Harvest strategies in Alberta
William D. Wishart
14 Bighorn sheep seasons in Montana, 1872 – 1985
John McCarthy
24 Harvest strategy panel: maximizing ram harvests
Wayne E. Heimer and Sarah M. Watson
  Mountain Goat Harvest Strategies
37 Harvesting mountain goats: strategies, assumptions, and needs for management and research
James A. Bailey
48 Mountain goat management in British Columbia
Daryll M. Hebert and Tom Smith
60 Mountain goat management in Washington
Rolf Johnson
63 Mountain goat hunting strategies in Idaho
Lonn Kuck
Harvest Impacts
71 Reproductive response of the Absaroka mountain goat population to an experimental reduction
Jon E. Swenson
78 Time and area specific variations in Dall sheep lamb production: an explanatory hypotheses
Wayne E. Heimer and Sarah M. Watson
102 Bighorn ram survival and harvest in southwestern Alberta
Marco Festa-Bianchet
110 The effects of trophy hunting on Dall sheep rut behavior and ram survivorship in Alaska (abstract only)
Francis J. Singer, Karen K. Laing, Edward C. Murphy, and.Lyman K. Nichols
113 Management of bighorn sheep to optimize hunter opportunity
Lynn R. Irby, Shawn T. Stewart, and Jon E. Swenson
General Session
129 Dall sheep hunting in Alaska: what is it worth?
Sarah M. Watson
150 The myth of Alaska's sheep hunters: rich, experienced, successful, and dedicated
Sarah M. Watson
160 Subsistence sheep hunting in Alaska
Wayne E. Heimer
166 The use of transplanting to expand bighorn sheep range
David R. Stevens and Donay D. Hanson
178 Circadian activity rhythms of chamois in northern Tyrol, Austria
Joseph Hamr and Hans Czaker
193 Trace element levels in Montana bighorn sheep horns
Harold D. Picton and Charles Eustace
Parasites and Disease
205 Experimental Pasturella pneumonia in bighorn sheep (abstract only)
Detlef K. Onderka
207 Use of Ivermectin to increase lamb survival in a herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
Larry J. Layne and Thomas R. McCabe
222 Long-term effect of Fenbendazole on lungworm infections in transplanted bighorn sheep
Gary Huschle and David E. Worley
231 A comparative study of bighorn sheep herds in southeastern British Columbia
Helen Schwantje
Development Impacts
253 Mountain goat population changes in relation to energy exploration along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front
Gayle Joslin
272 Population characteristics and habitat use by mountain sheep prior to a pneumonia dieoff
Timothy A. Andryk and Lynn R. Irby
292 Impacts of seismic activity on bighorn movements and habitat use
Dan Hook
298 Prescribed burning as mitigation for energy development on bighorn sheep ranges in Wyoming
Kevin P. Hurley and Larry L. Irwin
313 Bighorn sheep, Mount Allan, and the 1988 winter Olympics: political and biological realities
Brian L. Horejsi
325 The increase and dieoff of Waterton Canyon bighorn sheep: biology, management and dismanagement
James A. Bailey
Population Dynamics
341 Longevity of American mountain goats
Bruce L. Smith
347 Reproductive success of Sheep River ewes: a preliminary report (abstract only)
Marco Festa-Bianchet
348 Preliminary observations on population responses to an expanding bighorn sheep herd in Alberta
Jon T. Jorgenson and William D. Wishart
Habitat and Nutrition
366 Bi-level analysis of habitat selection by mountain goats in coastal Alaska
Christian A. Smith
381 Food habits and habitat use of Putoran snow sheep, (Ovis nivicola borealis)
A. D. Fedosenko
386 Animal condition - a comparison of fecal nitrogen and diaminopimelic acid
Daryll M. Hebert
396 Winter food habits and sexual monomorphism in Japanese serow
Kazuo Suzuki and Seiki Takatsuki
403 Habitat improvement for Taylor River bighorn sheep herd
William C. Shuster
408 Summer habitat use by bighorn ewes and lambs
Gary C. Brundige and Thomas R. McCabe
421 Alpine habitat selection in sympatric mountain goats and mountain sheep
Dale F. Reed
423 A solar radiation model for ibex relocation programs
P. G. Meneguz, L. Rossi, D. DeMeneghi, P. Lanfranchi, V. Peracino and T. Balbo

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