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Section 1: General
1 Status of Bighorn Sheep of Banff National Park
T. Skjonsberg
5 Status and Distribution of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Utah
T. S. Smith et al
13 Foraging Behaviors Among Different Age and Sex Classes of Rocky Mountain Goats
E. Holmes
26 Do Persisting Matrilineal Groups Partition Resources on Mountain Goat winter Ranges?
M. A. Masteller and J. A. Bailey
39 Toward a Working Hypothesis for Mountain Sheep Management
W. E. Heimer
47 Permit Auction: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
G. L. Erickson
54 Recommendations of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Regarding the Use of Special Big-game (Governor’s) Permits for Funding Wildlife Programs
Section 2: Parasites and Diseases
57 The Lostine Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Die-off and Domestic Sheep
V. L. Coggins
65 Fatal Pasteurella Hemolytica Pneumonia in Bighorn Sheep Following Direct Contact With Normal Domestic Sheep: An Experimental Study (Abstract Only)
W. J. Foreyt
66 A Penumonia Epizootic in Bighorn Sheep, With Comments on Preventive Management
M. Festa-Bianchet
77 Lungworm Surveillance in Bighorn Sheep: Possible applications for Population Density Estimates and Range Use Assessment
D. E. Worley et al
84 Lungworm Larvae Discharge Levels Within the Ural-Tweed Bighorn Sheep Population
C. A. Yde et al
91 Aspects of the Life Cycle of Protostrongulus stilesi (Nematoda, Protostrongylidae) in Bighorn Sheep With Emphasis on Environmental Influences on Excretion of Lungworm Larvae in Feces
B. Fougere-Tower and D. K. Onderka
98 Bronchoalveloar Lavage Technique in Bighorn Sheep: Use in Immediate Lungworm Diagnosis and Cell Function Tests
R. M. Silflow and W. J. Foreyt
Section 3: Development Impact
106 Seasonal and Spatial Distribution of Bighorn Sheep at an Open Pit Mining Site in the Alberta Foothills
B. MacCallum
121 Environmental Impact of the 1988 Winter Olympics on Bighorn Sheep of Mt. Allan
J. T. Jorgenson
135 Attraction of Bighorn sheep to Wellsites and Other Man-Made Mineral Licks Along the Eastern Slopes of Alberta: A Management Concern
L. E. Morgantini and E. Bruns
141 Behavioral Response and Habituation of Mountain Goats in Relation to Petroleum Exploration at Pinto Creek,
D. F. Penner
159 Bighorn Sheep Use of a Gas Wellsite During Servicing and Testing: A Case Study of Impact Mitigation
L. E. Morgantini and B. W. Worbets
165 Drilling in Sheep Country: Gas Development at Prairie Bluff, Alberta
A. A. Mead and L. E. Morgantini
168 Mountain Goat Status, Black Hills, South Dakota
T. A. Benzon and L. A. Rice
Section 4: Population Dynamics
184 The Bear Mountain Bighorn Sheep Transplant Research Project: A. Progress Report
T. S. Smith et al
191 How Much Difference Do Different Techniques Make in Assessing Bighorn Population Trends?
L. R. Irby et al
204 Simulated Field Test of Age and Sex Classification Criteria For Mountain Goats
B. L. Smith
210 Seasonal Movements and Distribution Patterns of a Reintroducted California Bighorn Sheep Herd Following Transplant in the Sierra Nevada, California
L. S. Chow and P. E. Moore
Section 5: Habitat and Nutrition
219 A Strategy for Prescribed Burning Bighorn Sheep Range in Winter
P. M. Woodard and T. Vannest

Design, Implementation, and Initial Response of Selected Habitat Treatments within the Ural-Tweed Bighorn Sheep Range
D. L. Young and C. A. Yde

240 Seasonal Food Habits of a Population of Bighorn Sheep in Northwestern Montana as Determined by Microhistologic Examination of Fecal Material
G. W. Brown and C. A. Yde
254 Home Ranges, Habitat Use and Productivity of Bighorn Sheep in the Never-Summer Mountains, Colorado
N. Goodson and D. R. Stevens
268 Effect of Interspecific Disturbance on Foraging Behavior of Bighorn Sheep at a Wild Horse Range (Abstract Only)
K. P. Coates et al.
269 A Magnesium-Driven Hypothesis of Dall Sheep Mineral Lick Use: Preliminary Tests and Management Relevance
W. E. Heimer
280 Application of Remote Sensing and Terrain Modelling to the Analysis and Mapping of Dall’s Sheep Winter Habitat in the Yukon Territory (Abstract Only)
L. Crooks
281 Measuring Seasonal Movements of a Male Dall Sheep by Satellite Telemetry (Abstract Only)
M. C. Hanson
Section 6: Winter and Predation Impact
282 Snow Depth as a Likely Factor Contributing to the Decline of a Sheep Population in the Central Yukon (Abstract Only)
N. Barichello and J. Carey
283 The Impact of Coyote Predation on Lamb Mortality Patterns at the Junction Wildlife Management Area
D. Hebert and S. Harrison
292 Selective Predation by Cougar Within the Junction Wildlife Management Area
S. Harrison and D. Hebert
307 The Effect of Wolf Reduction on Dall Sheep Demography in the Southwest Yukon (Abstract Only)
N. Barichello and J. Carey
308 Factors Affecting the Population Dynamics of Mountain Goats in West-Central Alberta
K. G. Smith
330 Simple Methods of Comparing winter Snow Conditions on Alpine and Subalpine Ranges of Dall’s Sheep and Mountain Goats in Alaska
L. Nichols

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