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Effects of Nonhunting Disturbance
1 Winter Recreation and Human Disturbance on Mountain Goats: A Review
Nathan Varley
14 A Review of the Potential Effects of Winter Recreation on Bighorn Sheep
Kristin L. Legg
Habitat and Habitat Enhancement
21 Wildlife Reclamation Planning (Abstract)
Beth MacCallum
22 Habitat Use and Movements of Mountain Goats as Determined by Prototype GPS Collars, Robson Valley, British Columbia
Kim G. Poole, Douglas C. Heard
36 Evaluation of Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer Habitat Enhancements Along Koocanusa Reservoir (Abstract)
Bret Stansberry
37 Fire’s Place and Use in Habitat and Management within the Sun River Area of West Central Montana
Brad McBratney, Dave Shittekiend, Quentin Kujala
41 Field Treatment of Bighorns During Pneumonia Die-offs
Victor L. Coggins, Patrick E. Matthews
46 A Comparison of Population and Health Histories Among Seven Montana Bighorn Sheep Populations
Keith Aune, Neil Anderson, David Worley, Larry Stackhouse, James Henderson, Jen’e Daniel
70 Predicting Summer Lamb Mortality in Free Ranging Bighorn Sheep
Holly Akenson
77 Evaluation of Ewe Vaccination as a Tool for Increasing Bighorn (Ovis Canadensis) Lamb Survival Following Pasteureollosis Epidemics
E. Frances Cassirer, Karen Rudolph, Pat Fowler, Victor L. Coggins, David L. Hunter, Michale W. Miller
79 Phenotype Evaluation of Free-Ranging European Mouflon (Ovis Orientalis Musimon) On Kahuku Ranch, South Point Hawaii (Abstract)
Michael R. Frisina, R. Margaret Frisina
80 Argali and Blue Sheep on the Tibetan Plateau: Status Update
Richard B. Harris, Daniel H. Pletscher
81 Comparing Methods to Determine Distribution and Movement Patterns Of Forest-Dwelling Mountain Goats
Georgie (Donna) Harrison
96 High Predator Densities in Yellowstone National Park may Limit Recovery of Bighorn Sheep Populations from the 1981 Chlamydial Caused Die Off
Kayhan Ostovar, Lynn R. Irby
Density Effects on Populations
105 Mating in Bighorn Sheep: Frequent Mal Reproduction via a High Risk Unconventional “Tactic” (Abstract)
John T. Hogg, Stephen H. Forbes
106 Population Dynamics of Bighorn Sheep on the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area, Montana
Terry Enk, Dr. Harold Picton, Jim Williams
125 Bighorn Sheep Population Dynamics on the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area, Montana (Abstract)
Terry Enk
126 Lessons Learned from Rates of Increase in Bighorn Herds
William Wishart, Beth MacCallum, Jon Jorgenson
Population Overviews
134 Status, Harvest and Co-Management of Dall’s Sheep in the MacKenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories
Alasdair Veitch, Ellen Simmons, Jan Adamczewski, Richard Popko
154 History and Current Status of Bighorn Sheep in Northeast Montana
Mark G. Sullivan, Al Rosgaard, Thomas S. Stivers
160 To be Limited or Not, That is the Question (Abstract)
Kurt L. Alt
Against the Grain
162 Consideration of a Biological Approach to Management of Subsistence Sheep Hunting Through Adjustment of Bag Limit
Wayne Heimer
178 Appendix: Details and Fallout from Dall Sheep Subsistence Management in the Western Brooks Range, August 1998: “Reaping What’s Been Sown”
Wayne Heimer
194 Compensatory Reproduction and Dispersal in an Introduced Mountain Goat Population in Central Montana (Abstract)
James S. Williams
195 What We Learned About Harvest Management of Alaskan Dall Sheep (1971-1997)
Wayne E. Heimer
Population Monitoring
207 Average Age of Harvest: What is it Really Telling US?
Jean Carey, Michael Dehn
216 Comparison of Bighorn Ram Horn Growth Between Original Sun River Population and Three Transplanted Populations: Heredity or Environment
Dan Hook
Addendum to 1998 Proceedings
3 Experimental Treatment of Lungworn in Wild Bighorn Sheep Using Fenbendazole Available at Free-Choice Treatment Stations
Keith Aune, David Worley, Mike Frisina, Bill Semmens, Todd Becker
12 Phenotype Evaluation of Free-Ranging European Mouflon (Ovis orientalis musimon) on Kahuku Ranch, South Point, Hawaii
Michael R. Frisina and R. Margaret Frisina
18 Evaluation of a Multivalent Pasteurella haemolytica Toxoid Bacterin in Protecting Bighorn Sheep from Pneumonia After Exposure to Domestic Sheep
Bill Foreyt

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