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Table of Contents

Status of Utah’s Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats in 2008
Anis Aoude

Colorado Status Report
Mark Vieira

Status of Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep and their Management in Idaho
Dale Toweill

Status of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats in Montana
Tom Carlsen and Glenn Erickson

Status of Bighorn Sheep in North Dakota
Brett Wiedmann and Brian Hosek

South Dakota Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat 2008 Status Report
Ted Benzon

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Status Report – Alberta
Jon Jorgenson

The Status of Mountain Goats in Alberta, Canada
Kirby Smith and Dave Hobson

The Status of Mountain Sheep and Mountain Goats in British Columbia
Steve Gordon, Gerald Kuzyk, Helen Schwantje, and Christopher Addison

Status of Bighorn Sheep in California
Tom Stephenson

Status of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in New Mexico 2006-2007
Eric Rominger, Elise Goldstein, and Darrel Weybright

Mountain Goat Management on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska: a New Direction
Thomas McDonough and Jeff Selinger

A Ground-Based Paintball Mark Re-Sight Survey of Mountain Goats
Sam Zeveloff, Christopher Schulze, and Richard Schulze

Survival of Mountain Goats in Coastal Alaska: Synthesis and Applications
Kevin White, Grey Pendleton, Dave Crowley, Herman Griese, Kris Hundertmark, Thomas McDonough, Lyman Nichols, Boyd Porter, Matt Robus, Christian Smith, and John Schoen

Investigating Genetic Diversity of Oreamnos americanus by Microsatellite Markers
Forrest Hoyt, Tabitha Hooten, Jim Streibel, and Art Rzasa

Multi-scale Habitat Modeling: Delineating Mountain Goat Habitat in the Washington Cascades
Tana Beus

Closing Comments: A Long-Time NWS&GC Member’s Perspective on Wildlife Management
ayne Heimer

Ram Harvest Strategies for Western States and Provinces—2007
Eric Rominger

Ewe Harvest Strategies for Western States and Provinces—2007
Eric Rominger

Dall Sheep Management in the Chugach Range of Alaska
Tim Peltier

International Polar Year Project: Effects of Climate Change, Glacial Retreat, and Snowfield Loss on Wild Sheep Habitat, Nutrition, and Population Distributions in Polar and High Mountain Ecosystems in Alaska, Far Eastern Russia and Central Asia: A Comparative Study
Edwin Pfeifer, Barry Middleton, Jana Ruhlman, Bradley Reed, Ella Lee, and Paul Geissler

Stone’s Sheep Demographics in the Sulphur / 8 Mile Project Area, Northern British Columbia, Winter 2006/2007
J. Clint Cubberly

A Study of Bighorn Sheep Diet Composition and Home Range on the Pine Ridge Region of Northwest Nebraska
Jeremiah Vardiman, Charles Butterfield, and Todd Nordeen

Comparison of Bighorn Sheep Forage, Hair, and Feces Using Stable Isotopes
Josh Whitaker, Todd Robinson, and Jericho Whiting

Response of Bighorn Sheep to Restoration of Winter Range: Revisited
Alan Dibb and Michael Quinn

Factors Related to Poor Population Performance of California Bighorn Sheep on Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Oregon
Craig Foster, Marla Bennet, Don Whittaker

Evaluating Survival and Demography of a Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Population
Michael Jokinen, P. F. Jones, and D. Dorge

Transmissions of Pasteurella haemolytica between domestic sheep and a free-ranging bighorn ewe
Jim Jeffress

History, Status, and Population Structure of California Bighorn Sheep in Utah
Daniel Olson, Justin Shannon, Jericho Whiting, and Jerran Flinders

Status, Distribution, and History of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Utah
Justin Shannon, Daniel Olson, Jericho Whiting, Jerran Flinders, and Tom Smith

Reintroducing Bighorn Sheep to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Harry Barber

Evaluation of and Augmentation of Bighorn Sheep at Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Teresa Zimmerman, Jonathon Jenks, Robert Klaver, David Leslie, Jr., and Eddie Childers

The Effects of Disease, Stress, and Distribution on Bighorn Sheep Restoration in Nebraska
Jennifer Malmberg, Todd Nordeen, and Chuck Butterfield

Correcting the Type Locality of Ovis canadensis canadensis
Shaw William Wishart

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Wild Sheep Working Group(s)
Kevin Hurley

Wandering Wild Sheep Policy: A Theoretical Review
Curtis Mack

Modelling and Management of Bighorn Sheep Movement Corridors
Alan Dibb, Marie Tremblay, and Michael Quinn

Bighorn Sheep Distribution and Movement in the Nikanassin Range, of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains
Beth MacCallum

Metapopulation Structure of Bighorn Sheep in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park
Kim Keating, Gordon Luikart, Stephanie Ott, Heather Dobbin, and Glen Weiser

Introducing Ungulates to Unfamiliar Environments: Behavioral and Endocrine Responses in Bighorn Sheep
Amanda Murray and Johan Du Toit

The Use of Molecular Markers in Wild Sheep Research in North America: A Review
Zach Olson, Donald Whittaker, and Olin Rhodes, Jr.

Multi-state and Province Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Genetics Library: Potential Uses and Partnerships
Tricia Hosch-Hebdon and Karen Rudolph

Preliminary Evaluation of the Genetic Structure of Dall’s Sheep Populations in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska
Gretchen Roffler, Layne Adams, Rebecca Kelleyhouse, Gordon Luikart, George Sage, Michael Schwartz, Sandra Talbot, Kristy Pilgrim, and Bob Tobey


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