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Table of Contents

Mountain Goats in North America: A Survey of Population Status and Management
Nick A. Myatt and Autumn N. Larkins

Wild Sheep Status and Management in Western North America: Summary of State, Province, and Territory Status Report Surveys
Autumn N. Larkins

Situational Agency Response to Four Bighorn Sheep Die-offs in Western Montana
Victoria L. Edwards, Jennifer Ramsey, Craig Jourdonnais, Ray Vinkey, Michael Thompson, Neil Anderson, Tom Carlsen, and Chris Anderson

Investigation of Nevada’s 2009-2010 East Humboldt Range and Ruby Mountain Bighorn Dieoff
Caleb Mcadoo, Peregrine Wolff, and Mike Cox

Status of Goslin Unit Bighorn Sheep Pneumonia Outbreak in Utah
Leslie McFarlane and Anis Aoude

Pneumonia in Bighorn Sheep, Lower Gros Ventre Drainage, Wyoming, March 2010
Kevin Hurley

Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Can Predispose Bighorn Sheep to Fatal Mannheimia haemolytica Pneumonia
Rohana Dassanayake, Sudarvili Shanthalingam, Caroline Herndon, Renuka Subramaniam, Paulraj Lawrence, Jegarubee Bavananthasivam, Frances Cassirer, Gary Haldorson, William Foreyt, Fred Rurangirwa, Donald Knowles, Thomas Besser, and Subramaniam Srikumaran

Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae as a Primary Agent of Epidemic Respiratory Disease in Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Commingled with Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries)
Thomas Besser, Catherine Yamada, E. Frances Cassirer, Donald Knowles, J. Lindsay Oaks, Shannon Swist, Caroline Herndon, and Srikumaran Subramaniam

Transmission of Mannheimia haemolytica from Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries) to Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis): Unequivocal Demonstration with Green Fluorescent Protein-tagged Organisms
Paulraj K. Lawrence, Sudarvili Shanthalingam, Rohana P. Dassanayake, Renuka Subramaniam, Caroline N. Herndon, Donald P. Knowles, Fred R. Rurangirwa, William J. Foreyt, Gary Wayman Ann Marie Marciel, Sarah K. Highlander, and Subramaniam Srikumaran

Snowshoe Hare Abundance Affects Survival of Dall’s Sheep Lambs in Alaska
Stephen M. Arthur and Laura R. Prugh

Dall’s Sheep Productivity and Survival in the Chugach Range, GMU 13D, Alaska
Thomas D. Lohuis

Use of Highway Corridors by Stone’s Sheep Ewes
Pamela E. Hengeveld, Clint Cubberley, and Maria Cardinal

Using Distance Sampling to Estimate Dall’s Sheep Abundance in Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska
Joshua Schmidt and Kumi Rattenbury

Evaluating Survival and Home Range Use of Dall’s Sheep in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska
Buck Mangipane, and Judy Putera

WAFWA Wild Sheep Herd Health Monitoring Recommendations
Helen M. Schwantje, Kristin Mansfield, Mike Miller, Ben J. Gonzales, and Mark Atkinson

Diagnosis of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae in Bighorn Sheep
J. Lindsay Oaks, Thomas Besser, Frances Cassirer, Timothy V. Baszler, and Catherine Yamada

Pasteurella/Mannheimia/Bibersteinia Culture and Strain Typing (Serotyping, Biotyping, Genotyping)
Glen C. Weiser

Molecular detection and serology of Mannheimia / Bibersteinia / Pasteurella in the lungs of pneumonic bighorn sheep.
Sudarvili Shanthalingam, Rohana Dassanayake, Jegarubee Bavananthasivam, Renuka Subramaniam, Caroline Herndon, Donald P. Knowles, and Subramaniam Srikumar

Dispersal patterns of the North American mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus)
Aaron B.A. Shafer, Steeve D. Côté, and David W. Coltman

Developing a management plan for mountain goats in British Columbia
Gerry Kuzyk and Kim Poole

Modified Clover Trap for Capturing Mountain Goats in Northwest British Columbia
Becky Cadsand, Bill Jex, and Michael P. Gillingham

An ongoing assessment of Mountain Goat – Heliskiing interactions in Northwest British Columbia
Becky Cadsand, and Michael P.Gillingham

Nutrition and reproduction of mountain goats in coastal Alaska.
Kevin S. White

Nick A. Myatt, Pat E. Matthews, Brian S. Ratliff, and Ryan E. Torland

GIS mapping of North American wild sheep translocations.
Kevin Hurley and Richard Jones

History of Bighorn Sheep in the Sun River Area, Montana
Brent N. Lonner

Implementation of the Montana Bighorn Sheep Conservation Strategy
Tom Carlsen

Perceived Threats to Wild Sheep: Levels of Concordance Among Western States, Provinces, and Territories
Vernon C. Bleich

Historic Bighorn Sheep Disease Outbreaks in Western North America and Mountain Sheep Extirpation from Oregon
Victor L. Coggins

British Columbias Use of Ecological Goods and Services Payments as a Tool For Separating Wild Sheep From Domestic Sheep and Goats
David Zehnder

Utilizing Wildlife Forensics to Protect Natural Resources: A Case Study in Catching a Bighorn Sheep Poacher
Tricia Hosch-Hebdon, Karen Rudolph, and Jon Hunter

Developing a Non-Invasive Technique to Estimate Population Size of Bighorn Sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park Using Fecal-DNA
Kate Schoenecker, Gordon Luikart, Mary Kay Watry, and Laura Ellison

Demographic Response to Experimental Genetic Management in Bighorn Sheep Herds in Oregon
Zachary H. Olson, Donald G. Whittaker, and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.

A Genome Wide Set of SNPs Detects Population Substructure and Long Range Linkage Disequilibrium in Wild Sheep
Joshua M. Miller, J. Poissant, J. W. Kijas, and D. W. Coltman

Evolutionary History of North American Wild Sheep: Morphometric and mtDNA Analyses
John D. Wehausen, Clinton W. Epps, and Rob R. Ramey II

Status of the Mummy Range Subpopulation of Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Susan P. Rupp, Scott Eggeman, and Nicholas Rossman

Estimating Survival Rates of Reintroduced Bighorn Sheep Before and After Exposure to Domestic Sheep
Justin M. Shannon, Jericho C. Whiting, Daniel D. Olson, Randy T. Larsen, and Jerran T. Flinders

Comparative Studies of Sympatric Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats in the Greater Yellowstone Area
Robert Garrott, P.J. White, Jay Rotella, Mike Sawaya, Mike Zambon, Doug Mcwhirter, Kevin Hurley, Shawn Stewart, Tom Lemke, Dale Toweill, and Russell Knight

Winter Tick Infestation and Associated Hair Loss on Stone’s Sheep in Northern British Columbia
Mari D. Wood, Brad Culling, Diane Culling, and Helen M. Schwantje

Using Microsatellites to Identify Mountain Goat Kids Orphaned During Capture and Translocation Operations
Zachary H. Olson, Nick Myatt, Pat Mathews, A. Corey Heath, Donald G. Whittaker, and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.

Re-introduction of California Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis californicus) Into the Hellsgate Game Reserve and Addressing Management Needs of Existing Bighorn Sheep Within the Omak Lake Game Reserve on the Colville Reservation
Eric P. Krausz and Donovan J. Antoine

Habitat Use of Translocated Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) in North-Central Wyoming: Does Source Herd Matter?
Matthew J. Kauffman, Alyson B. Courtemanch, Aaron B. Rutledge, Kevin Hurley,Tom Easterly, and David B. Mcdonald

Evaluation of the Use of the Escape Terrain and Buffer Model to Depict Northwestern Nebraska’s Bighorn Sheep Habitat
Rana A. Tucker, Teresa J. Zimmerman, and Todd Nordeen

Evaluating Dietary Shifts of Bighorn Sheep (Ovis Canadensis) Before and After Use of the Sheep Lakes Mineral Lick, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Jacquelyn Murray, and Susan P. Rupp

Habitat Selection of Bighorn Sheep at Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Alan D.Dibb

The Short-Term Effects of Wildfire on Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep
Lacey Greene, Tom Stephenson, and Mark Hebblewhite

Poor Population Performance of California Bighorn Sheep on Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
Craig L. Foster and Donald G. Whittaker

Responses of Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer to Fire and Rain in the San Gabriel Mountains, California
Stephen A. Holl and Vernon C. Bleich

Correction to Bleich 2006. Mountain Sheep in California: Perspectives on the Past, and Prospects for the Future
Vernon C. Bleich


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