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Section I - Papers of General Interest
9 Ecological Relationships of Mountain Goats and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Layne G. Adams, Kenneth L. Risenhoover, and James A. Bailey
23 On A Population Control; with Reference to Mountain Sheep and Goats (Abstract)
Section II - Population Genetics
25 Potential Genetic Effects of Small Population Size in Wildlife
David Pettus
34 Small Populations: Observed Genetic Effects
Donald J. Nash
43 Inbreeding in Bighorn Sheep: A Case Study
Gary T. Skiba and John L. Schmidt
54 Group Size and Movements of a Dispersed, Low Density Goat Population, with Comments on Inbreeding and Human Impacts
Christian a. Smith and Kenneth J. Raedeke
68 Horn Growth as an Index to Levels of Inbreeding in Bighorn Sheep
Shawn T. Stewart and Thomas W. Butts
83 Electronic Release System for Drop Nets
John M. Emmerich, Marvin Hockley and Edward S. Kimber
92 Cutoff Bighorn Transplant: The First Two Years
Leonard L. Kopec
106 Trapping and Transplanting Mountain Goats in Washington State
Rolf Johnson and Bruce Moorhead
115 Capture and Radio Telemetry of Mountain Goats in Alaska
Lyman Nichols, Jr
Section IV - Skull and Horn Morphometry
127 An Evaluation of Horn and Skull Characters as a Measure of Population Quality in Alberta Bighorns
William D. Wishart and Diane Brochu
143 Horn Growth and Horn Wear in Dall Rams and their Relevance to Management
Manfred Hoefs and Tony Nette
157 A Simple Measuring Device for Sheep Horns
P. Merchant, M. Hoefs, T. Nette, W. Kale and M. Hanssen
Section V - Disease and Physiology
163 An Overview of the Clinical Signs, Gross and Histological Lesions of the Pneumonia Complex of Bighorn Sheep
T. R. Spraker and C. P. Hibler
173 Survey of Colorado and Wyoming Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats for Paratuberculosis
Elizabeth S. Williams and Charles P. Hibler
188 Disease Surveys in Dall Sheep in Alaska
Wayne E. Heimer, Randall L. Zarnke and Diane J. Preston
198 An Outbreak of Pinkeye in Bighorn Sheep Yellowstone National Park: A Preliminary Report
Mary Meagher
202 Mountain Goat Sodium Dynamics in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Colorado
Richard W. Thompson
232 Evaluation of the Baermann Technic for Recovery of Lungworm (Nematoda, Protostrongylidae) Larvae from Wild Ruminants
W. M. Samuel and J. B. Gray
Section VI - Mountain Sheep
244 Bighorn Sheep Management in Rocky Mountain National Park
David R. Stevens
254 Application of Optimal Foraging Theory for Bighorn Sheep Habitat Evaluation
Els B. Cooperrider and Richard M. Hansen
262 Forage Selection by Bighorn Sheep Ewes and Lambs in South-central Colorado
Els B. Cooperrider and Richard M. Hansen
278 Forage Preference Indices: Adjusting Forage Availability Data for Habitat Selection
Eric M. Rominger and James A. Bailey
287 Effects of Domestic Sheep Grazing on Bighorn Sheep Populations: A Review
Nike J. Goodson
314 Heart Rate Responses of Bighorn Sheep To Some Environmental Factors (Abstract)
Raymond Stemp
320 Responses of Dall Sheep Populations to Wolf Control in Interior Alaska
Wayne E. Heimer and Robert O. Stephenson
330 Differing Reproductive Patterns in Dall Sheep: Population Strategy or Management Artifact?
Wayne E. Heimer and Sarah M. Watson
Section VII - Mountain Goats
339 Mountain Goat Inventory and Harvest Strategies: A Reevaluation
D. M. Hebert and H. D. Langin
351 Implications of Maternal Separation on Overwinter Survival of Mountain Goat Kids
Bryan R. Foster and Engle Y. Rahs
364 Social Dynamics of Mountain Goats in Summer: Implications for Age Ratios
Kenneth L. Risenhoover and James A. Bailey
374 Winter Studies of Forest-Dwelling Mountain Goats of Pinto Creek, Alberta
Kirby G. Smith
391 Movements and Home Range of Mountain Goats, Sheep Mountain-Gladstone Ridge, Colorado
Layne G. Adams, Mark A. Masteller and James A. Bailey

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