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Table of Contents

ECOLOGY & MANAGEMENT Andy Holland, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, moderator

Evaluating apparent competition in limiting the recovery of endangered bighorn sheep:
Heather E. Johnson, Mark Hebblewhite, Thomas R. Stephenson, David W. German, Becky M. Pierce, and Vernon C. Bleich

Comparative ecology of mountain goats in coastal Alaska
Kevin S. White

Identifying genomic signatures of natural selection in Dall’s sheep:
Gretchen H. Roffler, Gordon Luikart, Michael K. Schwartz, and Steve Amish

Phylogenetic analyses reveal evidence for multiple glacial refugium for thinhorn sheep
Zijian Sim and David W. Coltman

Modeling summer habitat selection of sympatric bighorn sheep and mountain goats in the Greater Yellowstone Area
Jesse Devoe, Robert A. Garrott, Jay J. Rotella, and Stuart Challender

Impact of winter backcountry recreation on a formerly migratory bighorn sheep population in Wyoming
Alyson B. Courtemanch, Matthew J. Kauffman, Steve Kilpatrick, and Sarah R. Dewey.

A case study assessing the use of fire as a conservation tool for bighorn sheep habitat in western Colorado
Benjamin R. Wilson, Madeline Grant-Hoffman, and Stephanie Duckett

Application of the bighorn sheep risk of contact tool and best available science to a domestic sheep allotment analysis process
Randal W. Ghormley and Dale Gomez

DISEASE MONITORING & MANAGEMENT, Lisa L. Wolfe, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, moderator

Summary Report: bighorn sheep respiratory pathogen sampling and health assessment workshop
Mark Drew, Hank Edwards, Karen A. Fox, Colin M. Gillin,
Ben Gonzales, Anne Justice-Allen, Kristen Mansfield, Leslie McFarlane, Michael W. Miller, Margo J. Pybus, Helen Schwantje, Lisa L. Wolfe, Peregrine L. Wolff, and Mary Wood

Enhanced bacterial pathogen detection via improved sample collection and laboratory diagnostics
Hally Killion, Jessica Jennings-Gaines, Michael W. Miller, and Hank Edwards

A collaborative regional initiative to correlate respiratory pathogens with demographic attributes of bighorn populations
Robert A. Garrott, Hank Edwards, Jennifer Ramsey, Douglas McWhirter, Neil Anderson, and Carson Butler

Mountain goats at the livestock-wildlife interface: a susceptible species
Peregrine L. Wolff, Thomas E. Besser, Danielle D. Nelson, Julia F. Ridpath, Kathryn McMullen, Juan Muñoz-Gutiérrez , Mike Cox, Chris Morris, and
Caleb McAdoo

Bighorn sheep sinus tumors are associated with co-infections by pneumonia-causing
bacterial agents in upper respiratory tract
Karen A. Fox, Natalie M. Rouse, Kathryn P. Huyvaert, Karen Griffin, Hally Killion, Jessica Jennings-Gaines,
Hank Edwards, and Sandra L. Quackenbush

The effect of Zuprevo, a macrolide antibiotic, on bighorn sheep lamb survival following a bacterial pneumonia outbreakLaura A. McHale, Todd Nordeen, Julie J. Shaffer, and Brian C. Peterson

Experimental management of pneumonia in bighorn sheep
E. Frances Cassirer, Raina K. Plowright, Paul Wik, Pat Matthews, Kezia R. Manlove, Paul C. Cross,
Thomas E. Besser, and Peter J. Hudson

MANAGEMENT TOOLS Allen Vitt, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, moderator Factors predicting success of mountain goat reintroductions
Richard B. Harris and Brian Steele

Using long-acting neuroleptics and other drugs to facilitate bighorn sheep capture and translocation
Lisa L. Wolfe and Michael W. Miller

Managing and harvesting mountain goats for traditional purposes by indigenous user groups
Teri Rofkar

POPULATION MONITORING & DYNAMICS I Stephanie Ferrero, Colorado Parks &
Wildlife, moderator

Observational description of alpine ungulate use at mineral licks in southwest
Alberta, Canada
M.E. Jokinen, M.S. Verhage, R. Anderson, and D. Manzer

Estimating bighorn sheep abundance using noninvasive sampling at a mineral lick within a national park wilderness area
Kathryn A. Schoenecker, Mary Kay Watry, Laura E. Ellison, Michael K. Schwartz, and Gordon L. Luikart

Sighting probability and survival in two Colorado bighorn sheep herds
Sherri L. Huwer, Julie R. Stiver, Brian P. Dreher, and Janet L. George

Additions to the Dall’s sheep working hypothesis
Wayne E. Heimer

POPULATION MONITORING & DYNAMICS II Mark Vieira, Colorado Parks & Wildlife,

Montana’s new state-wide bighorn sheep research initiative
Robert A. Garrott, Carson J. Butler, Kelly Proffitt, Jennifer Ramsey, and Jay J. Rotella

Pregnancy rate in Dall’s sheep in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska
Tom Lohuis

Disease and Predation: Sorting out causes of a bighorn sheep decline
Joshua B. Smith, Jonathan A. Jenks, Troy W. Grovenburg, Robert W. Klaver

Capture and survival of neonatal bighorn sheep lambs in a Colorado herd using vaginal implant transmitters
Jamin L. Grigg, Jacqueline K. Kniss, Lisa L. Wolfe, Karen A. Fox, Michael W. Miller, and Brian P. Dreher

Rates and causes of mortality of Dall’s sheep in Alaska: a comparison among mountain ranges
Stephen M. Arthur and Tom Lohuis

Determining cause-specific mortality, disease prevalence and survival rates of bighorn sheep inhabiting the Elk Mountain region of South Dakota and Wyoming
Brynn L. Parr, Jonathan A. Jenks, John Kanta, Joe Sandrini, and Dan Thompson

POSTERS Wendy Figueroa, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, coordinator Long-distance movements of the Granby ram through Colorado and Wyoming
Sherri Huwer and Karin Eichoff

Identification of an abbreviated migration behavior in bighorn sheep after migration loss
Alyson B. Courtemanch, Matthew J. Kauffman, Steve Kilpatrick, and Sarah R. Dewey

Evaluating habitat use of an Alaskan Dall’s sheep population via camera traps
Jeremy Dertien, Calvin F. Bagley, John Haddix, Aleya Brinkman, Elizabeth Neipert, and Paul F. Doherty, Jr.

Multi-elements, radionuclides, and persistent organics in tissues of mountain goats in Northwest Territories
Nicholas C. Larter, Colin R. MacDonald, Derek Muir, Brett T. Elkin, and Xiaowa Wang

Quantifying partial migration in an alpine ungulate
Derek Spitz, Mark Hebblewhite, and Thomas R. Stephenson

Comparison of post-mortem diagnostic methods for cases of bighorn sheep lamb pneumonia
Karen A. Fox, Hank Edwards, Jamin Grigg, Mary Wood, Jessica Jennings-Gaines, Hally Killion, Ivy Levan, Karen Griffin, and Michael W. Miller

Identifying pathways to decline in the Junction-Churn Creek California bighorn sheep population, British Columbia
Steven F. Wilson

No evidence for reduced lungworm loads or improved lamb recruitment following experimental anthelmintic treatments in a free-ranging bighorn sheep herd
Julie R. Stiver, Ivy Levan, Brian P. Dreher

Determining the status and trend for desert bighorn sheep in the San Rafael Swell
Rusty W. Robinson, Tom S. Smith, and Justin Shannon

Managing the risk of disease transmission from domestic sheep to wild sheep through the British Columbia Sheep Separation Program
Jeremy B. Ayotte and Helen Schwantje


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