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Next Generation Ruggedness Indices for Modeling Escape Terrain of Desert Bighorn Sheep at Lone Mountain, Nevada
Marcus Blum, Thomas Dilts, and Kelley Stewart

Development and Utility of a Gene Transcription Panel for Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni)
Lizabeth Bowen, Kathleen Longshore, Peregrine Wolff, Shannon Waters, A. Keith Miles, Mike Cox, and Sarah Bullock

Mountain Goat Monitoring in Yoho, Kootenay, and Banff National Parks of Canada
Seth G. Cherry, Shelagh Wrazej, and Laura Kroesen

Wild Sheep Ram Hunting Permit Process for Western States and Provinces
Mike Cox

Determining Population Management Unit Boundaries for Mountain Goats in Skeena Region
Krystal Kriss (Dixon)

Challenges of Predation Monitoring and Management for Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep
Daniel J. Gammons, Thomas R. Stephenson, David W. German, Lacey Greene, and Jeffrey L. Davis

Developing a Spatial Tool to Enable Monitoring of Aircraft Flights and Compliance with Avoidance Strategies for Helicopter Skiing Operations in the Skeena RegionD
Len Vanderstar and Steve Gordon

The Genetic Legacy of 50 Years of Desert Bighorn Sheep Translocations in Nevada
Joshua P. Jahner, Marjorie D. Matocq, Michael Cox, Peregrine Wolff, Mitchell Gritts, and Thomas L. Parchman 

Observations and Recommendations During Capture of Bighorn Sheep
Thomas R. Stephenson, David W. German, and Lacey Greene.

When, Where, and Why Do Contacts Occur? Investigating Interactions Between Bighorn Sheep in and Around Glacier National Park
Marie I. Tosa, Tabitha A. Graves, Mark J. Biel, Daniel W. Carney, and Barb Johnston


Selective Removal May Lead to Recovery of Ailing Bighorn Sheep Herds
Tyler J. Garwood, Chadwick P. Lehman, E. Frances Cassirer, Daniel P. Walsh, Thomas E. Besser, and Jonathan A. Jenks 

Age Structure of Harvested Mountain Goats as a Tool for Assessing Sustainable Harvest
Karen M. Loveless, Kelly M. Proffitt, and Nicholas J. DeCesare

Monitoring of Hunted Mountain Goat Populations in West-Central Alberta: Insights Gained Over More Than Four Decades
Kirby Smith, Mike Russell, Sandra Hamel, Steeve D. Côtê, Marco Festa-Bianchet, and Frédéric Dulude-de Broin 


The Impacts of Wildfire on Mountain Goats and Their Winter Range Habitats in a Coastal Ecosystem
Clifford G. Nietvelt, Steve Rochetta, and Steve Gordon

Forage Response to Prescribed Fire in the Northern Rockies: Implications for Stone's Sheep and Elk
Krista L. Sittler, Katherine L. Parker, and Michael P. Gillingham

Seasonal and Sex-Specific Variation in Space Use and Site Fidelity of Mountain Goats in Coastal Alaska
Yasaman N. Shakeri and Kevin S. White.

Human Visitation Limits the Utility of Protected Areas as Ecological Baselines
Mark J. Biel, Wesley Sarmento, and Joel Berger

Characterizing the Seasonal Movements of Native and Restored Bighorn Sheep: A Case for Conserving Migratory Portfolios
Blake Lowrey, Robert A. Garrott, P. J. White, Kelly M. Proffitt, Douglas E. Mcwhirter, Kevin. L. Monteith, Hollie Miyasaki, Ethan S. Lula, Jamin Grigg, Alyson B. Courtemanch, and Carson J. Butler


An Exploration of Metabolomics to Assess Physiological States in Bighorn Sheep
Robert A. Garrott, Rashelle Lambert, James Berardinelli, Jennifer Weeding, and Kelly M. Proffitt

Assessing Dall's Sheep Horn Morphometrics as a Management Tool
Brad Wendling, Joe Want, and Chris Brockman

Role of Harvest and Environmental Factors on Horn Size of Mountain Sheep
Tayler N. Lasharr, Ryan A. Long, James R. Heffelfinger, Vernon C. Bleich, Paul R. Krausman, R. Terry Bowyer, Justin M. Shannon, and Kevin L. Monteith

Horn Size and Nutrition in Mountain Sheep: Can Ewe Handle the Truth?
Kevin L. Monteith, Ryan A. Long, Thomas R. Stephenson, Vernon C. Bleich, R. Terry Bowyer, and Tayler N. Lasharr 


An Overview of Past and Present Genetic Studies of Bighorn Sheep: Reconciling Methods and Considering Applications for Management
Clinton W. Epps and Michael Buchalski

Genetic Evidence of Local Adaptation in Desert Bighorn Sheep Native to The Great Basin
Michael Buchalski, Clinton Epps, Walter Boyce, Marjorie Matocq, Rachel Crowhurst, Brandon Holton, Laura Thompson, Esther Rubin, and James Cain

Does Population of Origin Affect Translocation Success in Bighorn Sheep?
Frances Cassirer, Kimberly Andrews, Erin Landguth, Hollie Miyasaki, and Lisette Waits

Evaluating Sample Size to Estimate Genomic Relatedness in Bighorn Sheep Populations
Elizabeth P. Flesch, Jay J. Rotella, Jennifer M. Thomson, Tabitha A. Graves, and Robert A. Garrott

Using Historic Specimens to Provide Insight Into Native Bighorn Sheep Genetic Diversity and Connectivity In Idaho
Hollie Miyasaki, Kimberly Andrews, Jennifer Adams, Digpal Gour, Lisette Waits, Frances Cassirer, and Nathan Borg

Frequently-Asked Questions About Wild Sheep Genetics and Genomics
Clinton W. Epps, Lizabeth Bowen, Michael R. Buchalski, Francis Cassirer, David Coltman, Warren C. Conway, Mike Cox, Rich Harris, Joshua P. Jahner, Marjorie Matocq, Thomas L. Parchman, Caleb D. Phillips, Helen Schwantje, Zijian Sim, Lisette Waits, John D. Wehausen, and the Wild Sheep Genomics Working Group


Dall's Sheep Population Declines in Alaska's Chugach Range May Be Related to Climate and Weather Patterns
Tom Lohuis, Kyle Smith, Luke Metherell, and Roman Dial

Projecting the Effects of Climate Change on Mountain Goat Population Dynamics in Alaska
Kevin S. White, David P. Gregovich, and Taal Levi

The Influence of Early Reproductive Success on Longevity and Late Reproductive Success in an Alpine Ungulate
Andrea Panagakis, Sandra Hamel, and Steeve D. Côté

Ecotypic Variation in Population Dynamics of Reintroduced Bighorn Sheep
Brett P. Wiedmann, Vernon C. Bleich, and Glen A. Sargeant

Contrasting Native and Introduced Mountain Goat Populations in Montana
Nicholas J. DeCesare and Bruce L. Smith

HABITAT USE & RELATIONSHIPS Moderator - Robert Garrott, Montana State University

Habitat Selection, Movement, Disease, and Population Structure of a Re-Introduced Bighorn Sheep Population in a Canyon Environment
Tabitha A. Graves, Nate Mikle, and Emily Spencer

Is Habitat Constraining Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Distribution and Restoration? A Case Study in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Ethan S. Lula, Julie A. Cunningham, Kelly M. Proffitt, Andrea R. Litt, and Robert A. Garrott

Evaluating Success for an Intra-Mountain Range Transplant of Bighorn Sheep in Southwestern Montana Julie Cunningham, Howard Burt, Robert Garrott, Kelly Proffitt, Carson Butler, Ethan Lula, Jennifer Ramsey, and Keri Carson

Seasonal Use Patterns and Movements of Mountain Goats in The Mount Evans Wilderness, Colorado
Lance Carpenter and Kevin Aagaard

Niche Similarities Among Introduced and Native Mountain Ungulates
Blake Lowrey, Robert A. Garrott, Douglas E. Mcwhirter, P. J. White, Nicholas J. DeCesare, and Shawn T. Stewart 110


Pneumonia in Bighorn Sheep: A Recent Review
Frances Cassirer, Kezia R. Manlove, Emily S. Almberg, Pauline Kamath, Mike Cox, Peregrine Wolff, Annette Roug, Justin Shannon, Rusty Robinson, Richard B. Harris, Ben J. Gonzales, Raina K. Plowright, Peter. J. Hudson, Paul C. Cross, Andrew Dobson, and Thomas E. Besser

Fatal Pneumonia in Bighorn Sheep Lambs: The Critical Role of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Carrier Ewes
Logan K. Weyand, E. Frances Cassirer, and Thomas E. Besser

The Implications of Imperfect Detection for Establishing the Presence/Absence of Pathogens: A Web- Based Resource for Managers
J. Terrill Paterson, Carson J. Butler, Jay J. Rotella, and Robert A. Garrott

Detection Error and Demographic Variability Amid Pervasive Pneumonia Pathogens in Bighorn Sheep Carson J. Butler, William H. Edwards, J. Terrill Paterson, Kelly M. Proffitt, Jessica Jennings-Gaines, Halcyon J. Killion, Mary E. Wood, Jennifer M. Ramsey, Emily S. Almberg, Sarah R. Dewey, Douglas E. Mcwhirter, Alyson B. Courtemanch, P.J. White, Jay J. Rotella, and Robert A. Garrott

DISEASE SESSION 2 Moderator - Clay Brewer, Wild Sheep Foundation

Use of Rapid Field-Based PCR Testing to Detect Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Infection in Bighorn Sheep
Smriti Shringi and Thomas E. Besser

Use of Intra-nasal Antibiotics as an Aid to Clearing Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Carriage by Domestic Sheep
Thomas E. Besser, David Casebolt, and Nicholas Hill

A Pilot Program to Create A Source of Domestic Sheep Free of M. ovipneumoniae For Cooperating Private Owners
Richard B. Harris, Thomas Besser, Kelli Bush, Geraldine Glenn, Jerry Kjack, Jared Oyster, and Carla Schettler 

Variation in the Annual Cost of Living of an Endangered Population of Bighorn Sheep
Kristin A. Denryter, David German, Thomas R. Stephenson, and Kevin L. Monteith.



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