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Populations and Management
1 Effective population sizes for bighorn sheep
Nancy N. FitzSimmons and Steven W. Buskirk
8 Why is Montana the land of giant rams?
Duncan Gilchrist
14 Bighorn sheep movements and summer lamb mortality in central Idaho
James J. and Holly A. Akenson
28 Trophy hunting of Dall sheep in Alaska; an evaluation of the biological implication
Francis J. Singer and Lyman Nichols
49 Managing bighorn habitat from a landscape perspective
James A. Bailey
58 Management implications of an intensive study of winter foraging ecology of bighorn sheep
Nike J. Goodson and David R. Stevens
68 Status of mountain sheep in Morgan Creek, east-central Idaho
Gina L. Karasek, Michael D. Scott and James M. Peek
83 Population dynamics, seasonal distribution and movement patterns of the Laramie Peak bighorn sheep herd
Daniel A. Hengel, Stanley H. Anderson and William G. Hepworth
97 Decline and habitat abandonment by bighorn sheep on Battlement Mesa, Colorado, 1906-1990
Mary L. Cunningham and James A. Bailey
111 Critique of carrying capacity concepts concerning Dall Sheep
Wayne E. Heimer
121 Determining the future of bighorn herds in wilderness areas
James A. Bailey and Melanie M. Woolever
Bighorn Diseases
136 Effect of pneumonia on population size and lamb recruitment in Whiskey Mountain bighorn sheep
Thomas J. Ryder, Elizabeth S. Williams, Kenneth W. Mills, K. H. Bowles and E. Tom Thorne
147 Lamb survival and herd status of the Lostine bighorn herd following a Pasteurella die-off
Victor L. Coggins
155 Failure of an experimental Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine to prevent respiratory disease and death in bighorn sheep after exposure to domestic sheep
William J. Foreyt
164 Naturally occurring pneumonia in caesarian-derived Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep lambs
Alton C. S. Ward, David L. Hunter, Martha D. Jaworski, V. Michael Lane, Jerry L. Zaugg, and Marie S. Bulgin
174 Theoretical concepts of disease versus nutrition as primary factors in population regulation of wild sheep
Mike R. Dunbar
193 Pharyngeal microflora of Dall and domestic sheep in Alaska: management implications
Wayne E. Heimer, Randall L. Zarnke and Francis J. Mauer
202 Gastrointestinal parasites of bighorn sheep in western Montana and their relationship to herd health
David E. Worley and Floyd M. Seesee
213 Experimental contact association between bighorn sheep, elk and deer with known Pasteurella haemolytica infections
William J. Foreyt
Management and Research Techniques
219 Seasonal changes in lamb:ewe ratios
Jon T. Jorgenson
227 Use of age ratios to predict bighorn sheep population dynamics
Marco Festa-Bianchet
237 Estimation of Dall sheep numbers in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve
Dale Strickland, Lyman L. McDonald, Dale Taylor, Kurt Jenkins, and John Kern
256 Preliminary tests of a mountain sheep habitat model using a geographic information system
Vernon C. Bleich, Matthew C. Nicholson, Amanda T. Lombard, and Peter V. August
Habitat Relations
264 Foraging behavior and vegetation responses to prescribed burning on bighorn sheep winter range
Doug McWhirter, Scott Smith, Evelyn Merrill, and Larry Irwin

The role of precipitation and temperature in the winter range diet quality of mountain sheep of the Mount Baxter herd, Sierra Nevada
John D. Wehausen

Mountain Goats
293 Preliminary observations of timing and causes of mountain goat kid mortality in west-central Alberta
Kirby G. Smith, Martin A. Urquhart, and Marco Festa-Bianchet
305 Winter habitat selection by mountain goats in the north-central Cascades
Brian A. Gilbert and Kenneth J. Raedeke
325 Mountain goat habitat of Wyoming’s Beartooth Plateau: implications for management
Lisa A. Haynes
340 Population dynamics and behavior of mountain goats using Elliott Ridge, Gore Range, Colorado
Anne Hopkins, James P. Fitzgerald, Alex Chappell, and Gene Byrne
357 Social dominance and its influence on the foraging efficiency of the mountain goat: a preliminary report
Francois Fournier
Poster Session Abstracts
372 Mitochondrial DNA variation and genetic population structure in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
Gordon Luikart
373 Modelling Dall sheep habitat in the northern Yukon
Manon Desforges and Jean Carey
374 Population dynamics of bighorn sheep using reclaimed habitat in open pit coal mines in west-central Alberta
Beth MacCallum
375 Spinster bighorn ewe groups in the Arkansas River Canyon, Canon City, Colorado
Dale F. Reed, Michael W. Miller, and Jack Vayhinger
382 Guidelines of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council

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