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Section I - Population Dynamics
11 Investigations into Reproduction by Ewes of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Herd in Wyoming
E.T.Thorne, Elizabeth S. Williams and G. Butler
35 Pregnancy Rate and the Timing of Lamb Losses in California Bighorn Sheep in the Ashnola, B.C.
W.L. Harper
51 Population Density of Mountain Goats in Southeast Alaska
J. L. Fox
61 An Age Specific Winter Die-off in Dall Sheep in Alaska
Sarah M. Watson and W. E. Heimer
37 The Influence of Winter Severity on Dall Sheep Productivity in Southwestern Yukon - A Preliminary Assessment
D. Burles, M. Hoefs and N. Barichello
85 The Influence of Climate, Habitat and Naturlal Selection on the Numbers of Feral Sheep (Ovis aries L.) on Campbell Island (Subantarctic)
M. R. Rudge
94 Introduced Mountain Goats in the Snake River Range, Idaho: Characteristics of Vigorous Population Growth
J. A. Hayden
  Section II - Ecological Relationships
(seasonal distribution, food habits, behaviour)
120 Bighorn Sheep of the Teton Range, Wyoming: Ecology of a Remnant Population
M.B. Whitfield and B. L. Keller
137 Summer Distribrution and Abundance of Mountain Goats in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington
Joanne Michalovic
167 Ecological Relationships between Desert Bighorn Sheep and Domestic Cattle in Southeastern Utah
M. King and G. W. Workman
180 A Comparison of the Biology and Impact of Feral Goats (Capra hircus L.) on Subtropical and Subantarctic Islands
M. R. Rudge
192 Annual Ecological Cycles of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Populations with Hight Elevation Winter Ranges in the East Kootenays
G. Schuerholz
211 Mineral Lick Use by Dall Sheep in the Watana Creek Hills, Alaska
Nancy G. Tankersley
231 Status and Food Habits of Japanese Serow
S. Takatsuki and K. Suzuki
241 Food Habits of Dall Sheep on Revegetated Coal Stripmine Spoils in Alaska
C. L. Elliot and J. D. McKendrick
252 Acooperative Nursing by Bighorn Ewes on the National Bison Range
Christine C. Hass
Section III - Growth and Development
270 Growth Rates of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on Ram Mountain, Alberta
J. T. Jorgenson and W. D. Wishart
285 Horn Growth in Dall's Sheep: A Preliminary Report
M. B. Bayer and N. M. Simmons
295 Volume and Density of Horns of Dall Rams
R. Konig and M. Hoefs
Section IV - Physiology, Morphology and Nutrition
310 Serologic, Hematologic, and Blood Chemistry Values of Desert Bighorn Sheep in Sonora, Mexico
J. R. DeForge, C. W. Jenner, P. E. Cyrog and R. Valdez
317 Fecal Nirogen as a Determinant of Animal Conditions in Bighorn Sheep
D. Hebert, Joyce Hebert and M. Caskey
341 Feeding Habits of Mouflon (Ovis ammon musimon) and Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in Relation to the Morphophysiological Adaptation of their Digestive Tracts
R. R. Hofmann
Section V - Diseases and Parasites
356 A Major Bighorn Sheep Die-off from Pnewmonia in Southern Alberta
D. K. Onderka and W. D. Wishart
364 Lamb Survival in Relation to Maternal Lungworm Load in Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
M. Festa-Bianchet and Judith Samson
Section VI - Management
372 An Evaluation of Permit Huntin in the Southern Yukon
N. Barichello and M. Hoefs
389 Some Effects of a Full-Curl Law on Dall's Sheep Management
L. Nichols
395 Evaluation and Management Implications of Long-term Trends in Coastal Mountain Goat Populations in Southeast Alaska
C. A. Smith
425 Excess Ram Mortality in a Heavily Hunted Dall Sheep Population
W. E. Heimer, Sarah M. Watson and T. C. Smith III
433 Comparison Between a Hunted and an Unhuted Dall Sheep Population - A Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of Hunting
M. Hoefs and N. Barichello
467 Mountain Goat Transplants in Alaska: Restocking Depleted Herds Mitigating Mining Impacts
C. A. Smith and L. Nichols, Jr
Section VII - Techniques
481 An Economic Study of Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska: Concepts and Methods
Sarah M. Watson
487 A Mark-Recapture Census and Density Estimate for a Coastal Mountain Goat Population
C. A. Smith and K. T. Bovee
499 Experiences in Darting Dall Sheep from Helicopters in Alaska during 1983
F. J. Singer, K. R. Whitten and L. Nichols
506 A Preliminary Analysis of Intensive, Unreplicated Survey Data for Mountain Goat Populations in British Columbia
D. Hebert and R. Woods

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