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1 Identification of Bighorn Sheep Migration Corridors Using GPS Telemetry Systems
S.L. Lemke and D.N. Jury
11 Effects of Prescribed Grassland Burns on Forage Availability, Quality and Bighorn Sheep Use
K.E. Ruckstuhl, M. Festa-Bianchet and J.T. Jorgenson
26 The Use of Video for Mountain Goat Winter Range Habitat Inventory and Assessment of Overt Helicopter Disturbance
S.M. Gordon and D.M. Reynolds
38 An Evaluation of a GIS-Based Habitat Model for Bighorn Sheep Winter Range in Glacier National Park, Montana (abstract)
G.H. Dicus
39 GPS Wildlife Collars: Bias from Topographical and Coastal Forest Canopy Constraints (abstract)
S. Taylor
40 Pneumonia as a Cause of Mortality in Two Dall’s Sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada
E. Jenkins, S. Kutz. A. Veitch, B. Elkin, M. Chirino-Trejo and L. Polley
54 Blood Chemistry and Trace Mineral Reference Values for California Bighorn Sheep in Oregon
D.G. Whittaker, J.C. Lemos and T.R. Clark
68 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Transplants in Hells Canyon
V.L. Coggins, E.F. Cassirer, P. Matthews and M. Hansen
75 An Unusual Contagious Ecthyma Outbreak in Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
D.S. Merwin and G.C. Brundige
83 New Host and Geographic Records for Protostongylus stilesi and Parelaphostrongylus odocoilei in Dall’s Sheep from the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada (abstract)
S. Kutz, A. Veitch, E. Hoberg, B. Elkin, E. Jenkins and L. Polley
84 Preliminary Evaluation of Trace Element Levels and Pathogen Exposure in Hells Canyon Bighorn Sheep (abstract)
E.F. Cassirer, M. Drew, V.L. Coggins and P. Fowler
85 What Microsatellites Can Tell Us About Disease Resistance in Free-Living Sheep Populations: The Genetics of Resistance to Nematodes in Naturally Parasitised Soay Sheep From St. Kilda, Scotland (abstract)
D. Coltman
86 Designing a protocol: What should you do if you are faced with a bighorn sheep die-off?
G. Erickson
Climate Change
88 Cohort Variation in Horn Growth of Dall Sheep Rams in the Southwest Yukon, 1969-1999
D.S. Hik and J. Carey
101 Parasite Biodiversity, Development, and Transmission: An Integrative Model for Monitoring Climate Change at Northern Latitudes (abstract)
S. Kutz, E. Hoberg, L. Polley
Biology and Management
102 Hunter Satisfaction with Trophy Dall Sheep Management in the Tok Management Area, Alaska
R. Sutherland, C. Gardner and L. Zaczkowsk
114 Mountain Goat Inventory in the Robson Valley, British Columbia
K.G. Poole, D.C. Heard and G.S. Watts
125 Population Dynamics of Bighorn Sheep in Hells Canyon (abstract)
E.F. Cassirer, V.L. Coggins and P. Fowler
126 Dynamics of Hunted and Unhunted Mountain Goat Populations (abstract)
A. Gonzalez-Voyer, K.G. Smith and M. Festa-Bianchet
127 Dall’s Sheep (Ovis dalli dalli) Sexual Segregation: Environmental Factors and Spatial Implications (abstract) P. Corti
128 The Foundation for North American Wild Sheep – A Sheep Biologist’s View from the Inside
W.E. Heimer
Disturbance Working Session
138 Dealing with Unprecedented Levels of Aircraft Supported Commercial Activities
J Denton
153 Fleeing Decisions by Dall’s Sheep Exposed to Helicopter Overflights
A. Frid
170 Behavioral Responses by Dall’s Sheep to Overflights by Fixed-Wing Aircraft
A. Frid
186 List of Attendees

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