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Table of Contents

Towards an understanding of the genetic basis of differences in horn size in bighorn sheep
Joshua Miller, J. Poissant, and D.W. Coltman

Genetic analyses of the North American mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus)
Aaron B.A. Shafer, Steeve D. Côté, and David W. Coltman

Regional and climatic influences on growth of mountain goat horns in southwestern Montana
Richard B. Harris, Thomas O. Lemke, and Karen Loveless

Calculating harvest rates for Alaskan Dall rams using reported harvest age structure:
implications for Dall sheep management in Alaska
Wayne E. Heimer

The cost of trying: weak correlations among life-history components in male ungulates
Marco Festa-Bianchet

“Did we actually do anything?” – The ??? million dollar question
Wayne E. Heimer

Ecotypic variation in recruitment of reintroduced bighorn sheep
Brett Wiedmann and Glen Sargeant

Modeling resource selection of mountain goats in southeastern Alaska: applications for
population management and highway development planning
Kevin S. White, Dave P. Gregovich, Grey W. Penleton, Neil L. Barten, Anthony Crupi, Ryan Scott,
and Doug N. Larsen

Habitat selection, activity and movement patterns of mountain goats in southeastern Alaska
Kevin S. White and David P. Gregovich

Bighorn sheep seasonal movements and habitat selection in a coal mining area
Kim G. Poole, Irene Teske, Kevin Podrasky, and Robert Serrouya

A biophysical description and forage use assessment of selected bighorn sheep winter ranges
in the Elk River valley, British Columbia
Clint R. Smyth, Kevin Podrasky, Greg Sword, and Lanny Amos

Evolving inferences on habitat selection and use lead to improving management applications
for mountain goats in British Columbia’s Skeena River watershed
Len Vanderstar, Jonah L. Keim, and Subhash Lele

Are mountain goats particularly sensitive to anthropogenic disturbance?
David F. Hatler

A risk-based approach to assessing and managing disturbance effects of helicopter-logging
on mountain goats in coastal British Columbia
Steven F. Wilson, and Steve Gordon

Impact of human recreation near bighorn sheep lambing area
Brett Wiedmann, and Brian Hosek

Examining movements and resource selection of mountain goats in relation to heli-skiing
Becky Cadsand, Michael Gillingham, Douglas Heard, and Katherine Parke

Status of mountain goats in Washington
Clifford G. Rice

Effects of delayed spring greenup on bighorn sheep of the Luscar and Gregg River mines,
Beth MacCallum

Photographs from the 18th Wild Sheep and Goat Council Symposium

Sulphur/8Mile Stone’s sheep pre-tenure plan review, the application of the Sulphur/8Mile
Stone’s sheep project to oil and gas pre-tenure plan for the Muskwa-Kechika Management
Brian Churchill

Population and harvest trends of mountain sheep and mountain goats in British Columbia
Gerald Kuzyk, Patrick Dielman, Bill Jex, Chris Procter, Aaron Reid, Helen Schwantje,
Irene Teske, and Conrad Thiessen

Are Alberta’s trophy rams declining in quality and quantity?
Jon T. Jorgenson, Anne Hubbs, Fanie Pelletier, and Marco Festa-Bianchet

Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and wildlife crossings on the Trans-Canada Highway in
Banff National Park, Alberta
Alan D. Dibb, and Anthony P. Clevenger

Evidence for Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae as the primary cause of epizootic pneumonia in
bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) – and why it matters
Thomas Besser

The short and long of it: pneumonia in a bighorn sheep metapopulation
Frances Cassirer, Raina K. Plowright, Kezia R. Manlove, Kathleen Potter, Paul C. Cross, and
Peter J. Hudson

Using structured decision-making to manage disease risk for Montana wildlife
Mike Mitchell, Justin Gude, Neil Anderson, Jennifer Ramsey, Mike Thompson, Mark Sullivan,
Vickie Edwards, Claire Gower, Jean Fitts-Cochrane, Elise Irwin, and Terry Walshe

Infection and immunity in a bighorn sheep metapopulation
Raina Plowright, Kezia Manlove, Frances Cassirer, Paul Cross, Tom Besser, and Peter Hudson

A California bighorn sheep lamb mortality investigation in an east Fraser River herd, BC,
Jason Struthers, Helen Schwantje, Doug Jury, Chris Procter, and Trent K. Bollinger

Summer diet and feeding location selection patterns of an irrupting mountain goat
population on Kodiak Island, Alaska
McCrea A. Cobb, Heidi Helling, and Bill Pyle

Irruption, crash, and recovery of an introduced mountain goat population in the Crazy
Mountains, Montana 1941–2011
Thomas O. Lemke, and Karen M. Loveless

A comparison of mortality rates for Desert and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep under two
cougar removal regimes
Elise J. Goldstein, and Eric M. Rominger

Mortality factors and habitat use of California bighorns in the Deschutes River, Oregon
Jeremy L. Thompson, Donald G. Whittaker, and Keith L. Kohl

British Columbia provincial wild sheep registry tool
Diana N. Demarchi, and Anthony A. Button

Psoroptic mange: an emerging disease of bighorn sheep in British Columbia
Steven Scott, Helen Schwantje, Aaron Reid, Brian Harris, and Trent Bollinger

Development of heli-ski avoidance strategies for mountain goat winter range
Len Vanderstar

Nannies in the crosshairs: effectiveness of using a sex identification quiz to reduce harvest of
female mountain goats in Alaska
Jeff Jemison, Kristen Romanoff, and Kevin White

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