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1 Resolution: Recommendations of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council regarding privatization/ownership of wild sheep and goats in North America
Populations and Management
3 Population status and transplanting history of California bighorn sheep in Oregon
James C. Lemos and Mitchell J. Willis
12 Status and distribution of California bighorn sheep in Idaho
Walter L. Bodie, Elroy Taylor, Matthew McCoy and Dale E. Toweill
19 Population dynamics of two transplanted bighorn sheep herds in southcentral Wyoming
John G. Cook, Edward B. Arenett, Larry L. Irwin and Fred G. Lindzey
31 Dall sheep movements near Fort Greely, Alaska: preliminary findings
James K. Spiers and Wayne E. Heimer
38 Alternate rutting strategies in mountain sheep: management implications
Wayne E. Heimer
45 The effects of progressively more restrictive regulations on ram harvests in the eastern Alaska Range
Wayne E. Heimer and Sarah M. Watson
56 Industrial development on prime bighorn sheep range in south-west Alberta
Luigi E. Morgantini and Douglas A. Mead
Bighorn Diseases
67 Problems with Amultiple land use; dealing with bighorn sheep and domestic livestock
Terry R. Spraker and William J. Adrian
76 Effect of chronic stress on immune system function of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
E. Lee Belden, Elizabeth S. Williams, E. Tom Thorne, Henry J. Harlow, Karen White and Sandra L. Anderson
92 Pneumonia in bighorn sheep: Effects of Pasteurella haemolytica from domestic sheep and effects on survival and long-term reproduction
William J. Foreyt
102 Serotypes of Pasteurella haemolytica in free-ranging Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
Mike R. Dunbar, A. C. S. Ward, Kendal G. Eyre and Marie Bulgin
109 Pasteurellaceae from bighorn and domestic sheep
Alton C. S. Ward, Mike R. Dunbar, David L. Hunter, Robert H. Hillman, Marie S. Bulgin, Walter J. DeLong and Eduardo R. Silva
118 Safety and efficacy of fenbendazole against Protostrongylus spp. infections in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis)
William J. Foreyt, Thomas Parker and Vic Coggins
125 Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of psoroptic scabies in bighorn sheep
Walter M. Boyce, Richard K. Clark and David A. Jessup
129 Ivermectin for treatment of psoroptic scabies in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
A. L. Muschenheim, D. R. Kwiatkowski and E. T. Thorne
135 Psoroptic scabies in bighorn sheep in Washington and Oregon
William J. Foreyt, Vic Coggins and Pat Fowler
Management and Research Techniques
143 A technique for implanting heart-rate transmitters in bighorn sheep
Kevin P. Coates, Jane C. Undem, Brian C. Weitz, James T. Peters and Sanford D. Schemnitz
149 Tracking bighorns with satellites: system performance and error mitigation
Kim A. Keating and Carl H. Key
171 Comparison of helicopter-supported chemical immobilization and skid-mounted net capture of Dall sheep in Alaska
Wayne E. Heimer and Francis J. Mauer
176 Design of aerial surveys for Dall sheep in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
Lyman L. McDonald, Henry B. Harvey, Francis J. Mauer and Alan W. Brackney
Habitat Relations
194 Use of clearcuts by Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in southcentral Wyoming
Edward B. Arnett, Larry L. Irwin, Frederick G. Lindzey and Terry J. Hershey
206 Use of rodent middens as mineral licks by bighorn sheep
Kevin P. Coates, Sanford D. Schemnitz and James T. Peters
210 Habitat evaluation procedure for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the western Rocky Mountains and Great Basin Regions
Tom S. Smith, Jerran T. Flinders and David S. Winn
Workshop on Harvest Regulations for Wild Sheep
230 Foreword, Wayne E. Heimer
232 Dall sheep harvest regulations in Alaska - 1990
Wayne E. Heimer
240 Bighorn sheep harvest regulations in Alberta - 1990
William D. Wishart
244 Legal bighorn sheep definitions
Lloyd E. Oldenburg
246 California bighorn sheep harvest regulations in North Dakota, 1975-1990
James V. McKenzie
249 Dall sheep harvest regulations in Northwest Territories, 1990
Ray Case
252 Bighorn sheep harvest regulations in Oregon: management considerations
Walt Van Dyke
256 Mountain sheep harvest regulations in Utah - 1990
Tom S. Smith and Jerran T. Flinders
259 Thinhorn sheep harvest regulations in the Yukon, 1990
Norman Barichello and Jean Carey
Mountain Goats
266 Wyoming Beartooth mountain goat study
Jonathan D. Hanna
274 Mirror-image stimulation -- What can we ascertain about mountain goat social structure?
Dale F. Reed
282 Perspectives on management of isolated mountain goat populations with high nonconsumptive values: the Pend Oreille Lake, Idaho, case study
Kirk S. Naylor, James M. Peek and Peter Zager
297 Guidelines of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council

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