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Table of Contents

Mountain Sheep in California: Perspectives on the Past, and Prospects for the Future    
Vernon C. Bleich

Decreased Horn Basal Circumference in Bighorn Sheep Rams Following Asymptote of Population Growth Curves 
Eric M. Rominger and Elise. J. Goldstein

Ramifications of the Hunt: Horn Growth, Selection, and Evolution of Bighorn Sheep in British Columbia           Pamela Hengeveld and Marco Festa-Bianchet

Influence of Trophy Hunting and Habitat Degradation on Horn Growth of Bighorn Sheep                                                Dallas L. Plensky

Complications in Dall Sheep Management in Alaska: A Case of Agency Abdication?                                                  Wayne E. Heimer

Bighorns and Little Horns Revisited 
 William Wishart

GIS Mapping of North American Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Translocations in North America, exclusive of Desert Bighorn Sheep Ranges
Kevin Hurley and Carissa Clark

Use of Digital Elevation Data to Predict Bighorn Sheep Habitat at Badlands National Park      
Teresa J. Zimmerman, Jonathon A. Jenks, Robert W. Klaver, David M. Leslie, Jr., and Eddie L. Childers

Breeding Migration, Gene Flow, and Management for Connectivity in Bighorn Sheep                      
John T. Hogg, Fanie Pelletier, and Kathreen Ruckstuhl

Genetic Rescue of an Insular Population of Bighorn Sheep    
John T. Hogg, Stephen H. Forbes, Brian M. Steele, and Gordon Luikart

Age-related Horn Growth, Mating Tactics, and Vulnerability to Harvest: Why Horn Curl Limits may Select for Small Horns in Bighorn Sheep 

Marco Festa-Bianchet, David Coltman, John T. Hogg, and Jon Jorgenson

Population Structure of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep from Microsatellites and Mitochondrial DNA Genotyping  Gordon Luikart, Christian Miquel, John T. Hogg, Kim A. Keating, and Jon Jorgenson

Forensic DNA-Typing of Bighorn Sheep in the Province of Alberta                                                                                                                      
Denise K. Patterson, Holly Archibald, and Richard M. Jobin

Phylogeographic Investigation of Bighorn Sheep in California
John D. Wehausen, Clinton W. Epps, and Rob R. Ramey II

Highways Block Gene Flow and Cause Rapid Decline in Genetic Diversity of Desert Bighorn Sheep  
Clinton W. Epps, Per J. Palsb?ll, John D. Wehausen, George K. Roderick, Rob R. Ramey II, and Dale R. McCullough

Seasonal Variation in Ruminating Behaviour of Bighorn Sheep
Kathreen E. Ruckstuhl, Ben L. Curry, and Graeme Pelchat

Social Structure of Male Bighorn Sheep and the Consequences of Associations
Graeme O. Pelchat and Kathreen E. Ruckstuhl

Effects of Birth Date, Sex, Maternal Characteristics, and Environmental Conditions on Mass and Survival of Bighorn Lambs       
 Chiarastella Feder, Marco Festa-Bianchet, Céline Bérubé, and Jon Jorgenson

Cause-Specific Average Annual Mortality in Low-Elevation Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep                                    Elise J. Goldstein and Eric M. Rominger

A Monitoring Protocol to Assess Pneumonia-caused Mortality as Limiting a Bighorn Sheep Population                 E. Frances Cassirer

Response of Bighorn Sheep to Restoration of Winter Range
Alan D. Dibb and Michael S. Quinn

Summary of Health and Trace Mineral Testing of Bighorn Sheep at the Luscar and Gregg River Mine Sites of West-Central Alberta              
Beth MacCallum

Comparison of Ultra Sound and Serology for Determining Pregnancy in California Bighorn Sheep               
Craig L. Foster, Leon Pielstick, and Jeanne Ross

Bighorn Sheep Leukocyte Receptor for Leukotoxin Secreted by Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica              Weiguo Liu, William C. Davis, John  Lagerquist, William J. Foreyt, and S. Srikumaran

Potential Health Risks to Dall’s Sheep associated with Domestic Sheep and Goats in the Northwest Territories, Canada                        
Elena Garde, Susan Kutz, Helen Schwantje, Alasdair Veitch, Emily Jenkins, and Brett Elkin

Transmission of Goat Lungworms (Muellerius capillaris) from Domestic Goats to Bighorn Sheep                        
Bill Foreyt

Bighorn Sheep Hoof Deformities: A Preliminary Report
Todd Nordeen and Chuck Butterfield

Selenium Supplementation, Parasite Treatment, and Management of Bighorn Sheep at Lostine River, Oregon
Victor L. Coggins

Effects of Mineral Supplements on California Bighorn Sheep in Northern Nevada
Mike K. Cox

A Pneumonia Epizootic in Bighorn Sheep in the South Okanagan Region of British Columbia                                    Elena Garde, Helen Schwantje, and Daryl Stepaniuk

Bighorn and Domestic Sheep Interface Program in Southeastern British Columbia
Dave Zehnder

Faecal Survey for Parasites of Stone’s sheep in the Muskwa-Kechika Region, British Columbia, Canada           Emily Jenkins and Helen Schwantje

Fecal Glucocorticoid Concentrations of Free-Ranging Stone’s Sheep
Andrew B. D. Walker and Katherine L. Parker

Habitat Selection by Mountain Goats in South Coastal British Columbia
Shawn Taylor, Wayne Wall, and Yolanta Kulis

Can Horn Length of Mountain Goats Be Used as a Measure of Habitat Quality?
Thomas J. McDonough, John R. Crye, and Gino G. Del Frate

Historical Literature Pertaining to the Occurrence of Mountain Goats in Oregon
Patrick E. Matthews and A. Corey Heath

Proximate Costs of Reproduction in Female Mountain Goats
Sandra Hamel and Steeve D. Côté

Rutting Behaviours of Male Mountain Goats in Relation to Age
Julien Mainguy, Steeve D. Côté, and David W. Coltman

Monitoring Mountain Goat Use of Mineral Licks in Response to Alternative Forest Harvesting Scenarios in Northern British Columbia      
Mari D. Wood, Fraser B. Corbould, Jeremy Ayotte, and Greg W. Blackburn

Does Survey Effort Influence Sightability of Mountain Goats during Aerial Surveys?                                                     Kim G. Poole

Development of Results-based Tourism Guidelines in British Columbia: Implications for Mountain Goat Management
Steve M. Gordon, Steven F. Wilson, and Dave Butler

Density-dependence in Vital Rates and Population Growth in Mountain Goats: Population Regulation or Limitation?
Steeve D. Côté, Marco Festa-Bianchet, and Kirby G. Smith

Population Dynamics and Harvest Potential of Mountain Goat Herds in Alberta
Sandra Hamel, Steeve D. Côté, Kirby G. Smith, and Marco Festa-Bianchet

Seasonal and Sex-specific Variation in Terrain Use and Movement Patterns of Mountain Goats in Southeastern Alaska 
Kevin S. White

Assessing the Feasibility of Effectiveness Monitoring for Mountain Goat Winter Ranges in Forested Areas of British Columbia
Steven F. Wilson

Wintering Strategies by Mountain Goats in Interior Mountains: Preliminary Results
Kim G. Poole, Kari Stuart-Smith, and Irene E. Teske

Factors Limiting Bighorn Sheep in the Yarrow-Castle Region of Southwestern Alberta                                 
Michael Jokinen and Darren Dorge

Selenium Levels in Bighorns in British Columbia
Susan Lemke and Helen Schwantje

Is Rapid Horn Growth Associated with Increased or Decreased Longevity?
John Loehr, Jean Carey, Manfred Hoefs, Jukka Suhonen,and Hannu Ylönen

Staining Protostrongylus spp. First-Stage Larvae with Carmine-Propionic Acid
Ron Rankin

Feared Negative Effects of Publishing Data: A Rejoinder to Heimer et al.
Marco Festa-Bianchet, Jon Jorgenson, David Coltman, and John T. Hogg


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