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Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council
– Special Report – 1985 – Wild Sheep –

Distribution, Abundance, Management and Conservation of the Sheep of the World and closely related Mountain Ungulates.
Section I - Population Dynamics
1 - 15
16-34 Distribution., Abundance and Management of Wild Sheep in Yukon
M. Hoefs and N. Barichello
35-42 Status of Dall's Sheep in the Northwest Territories, Canada
K. G. Poole and R. P. Graff
43-47 The Status of Thinhorn Sheep (Ovis Dalli) in British Columbia
J. P. Elliott
48-55 Bighorn Sheep Population Status in Alberta and British Columbia
D. Hebert, W. Wishart, J. Jorgenson and M. Festa-Bianchet
56-81 Status of California and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the United States
E. T. Thorne, W. O. Hickey and S. T. Stewart
82-85 The Status of Desert Bighorn in the United States
R. A. Weaver
86-94 Status of Bighorn Sheep in the Republic of Mexico
A. V. Sandoval
95-126 Status and Distribution of Ammotragus lervia: A Worldwide Review
Gary G. Gray
127-132 The Mouflon (Ovis ammon musimon Schreber, 1782) in the Southern and Western Countries of Europe
H. Tomiczek
133-137 The History of Introductions of Mouflon Sheep (Ovis ammon musimon Schreber 1782) in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Development and Management of these Wild Sheep Populations
W. Uloth and S. Prien
138-144 The Present Status and Research on Wild Caprinae in Czechoslovakia
V. Hrabe, P. Koubek and J. Zima
145-150 Status of Moufloniform (Urial) Sheep in Asia
R. Valdez and J. Deforge
151-158 Distribution and Status of Mountain Ungulates in Afghanistan
K. Habibi
159-163 Distribution and Present Status of Wild Sheep in Pakistan
T. J. Roberts
164-171 Status Report on Wild Sheep in India
D. P. Mallon
172-178 The Status of Pseudois and Ovis Populations in Nepal
P. Wilson
179-187 Wild Sheep in Mongolia
D. P. Mallon
188-197 Conservation and Utilization of the Mongolian Argali (Ovis ammon ammon) - A Socia-Economic Success
B. Des Clers
198-199 A General View of Argali Sheep (Ovis ammon) in China
C. Guiquan
200-210 Present Status of Argali Sheep Populations in the U.S.S.R.
A. K. Fedosenko
211-218 Snowsheep (Ovis nivicola) in the U.S.S.R .
L. M. Baskin

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